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Customer Service

The general terms and conditions mentioned here below are applicable to the sale of all items listed on the KOTOW website. Any order placed with the KOTOW Company entails the unconditional acceptance of the mentioned terms and conditions. Only the buyer can avail of these terms and conditions and the provisions with regard to the guarantee. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice, the changes being applicable only to orders placed post amendment.
Presentation of Products
The listed products for sale by KOTOW are in accordance with existing French standards. Elements such as photographs, texts, graphics as well as the information and specifics illustrating and/or attached to a product are not binding. Therefore, the company is not liable in case of error or omission of any one of the above elements or in the case of a modification by the supplier and/or manufacturer.The consumer is the sole judge of the compatibility of the products ordered with the material he already has with him. The partial or non-use of the ordered material can, in no manner, result in a demand by the consumer for reimbursement or damages to KOTOW.
All the brands mentioned on the site are the exclusive right of KOTOW or its suppliers.It must be noted that documents displayed on the internet are protected by regulations pertaining to copyright law ( section L 122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code), according to which, it is forbidden to reproduce in its integral form or in part a piece of work (drawing, written piece, logo, photo…..) without permission of its owner/issuee. Any editing, reproduction, representation or circulation of written work, paintings, software or any other printed or etched work in whole or in part, in violation of rules with regard to copyright constitutes ‘copyright infringement’ and attracts a punishment of up to two years imprisonment and /or a fine of 152 to 450 euros.
How to place an Order
The KOTOW site is meant for professionals. As of now, only established professionals with references can see their special rates and buy on line once they have identified themselves.
A click on the button ‘add to cart’ for a listed product starts off the command procedure. One or several products may be added to the cart.You can at any time change your order by updating the cart.
After verifying references and quantities of the required products and updating your cart, you may validate the order by clicking on "Order". Then you just need to give the information requested and follow instructions.
The final confirmation of the order placed will be validated by an email which is sent to you by our trade division.
Order acceptance
Acceptance of any of our proposals entails unconditional acceptance of the existing general terms and conditions of sale, which will be the only ones applicable to any sale, and specifically overrules the general terms and conditions of purchase of the buyer, or any other document presented by him, the provisions wherein automatically stand cancelled.
Delivery time
The delivery time given is indicative in nature and a proposed delay does not give the buyer the right to cancel the order, refuse a product or claim damages. The company’s obligations stand automatically cancelled and will not be responsible in case of the following, such as:
  • A lock-out, any kind of work stoppage, accident or delay in manufacturing, fire, floods, accidental event, equipment break-down, discards of pieces during fabrication or delivery, on our premises or at the suppliers.
  • A war, riot, requisition, act of state, roll-back/cut in imports, delay in the transportation of goods, or any such eventuality beyond our control or that of our suppliers once the contract has been concluded and prevents its execution as under normal conditions.
The delivery is made ‘at owner’s risk’ (i.e. the buyer) whatever may be the mode of transport or the modalities of transport payment terms, FOB or CF. It is advised to check the packet before accepting it from the transporter. In case of a dispute, please mention the damage on the transport receipt and file a complaint within 72 hours by registered post to the transporter. The deliveries are made FOB for all orders of more than 300 € net without tax.
Sale Price
Our products are billed on the basis of rates prevalent on the day of the order or as per factors which may intervene and are beyond our control, once the contract has been concluded by both parties. Our billing is done based on the price per unit and without tax.
Customer Relations
For any information, questions or claims please contact our trade division which is open from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM:
  • Tel. : 01 34 34 46 46
  • General information :
Customer Identity & Confidentiality

All information collected for online selling is compulsory (telephone no., mail id, and intra community VAT no.) to process, send and bill your order. The order will be cancelled if any information is missing.

In accordance with Law no.78 – 17 on « Information technology and civil liberties » of 6th January, 1978, the customer always has the right to access, modify, rectify or delete the personal information he has provided (section 34 in Loi Informatique et Libertés).
To do so, you can: - write to KOTOW at 106 boulevard Héloïse 95100 Argenteuil

Terms of Payment
Thirty days from the end of the month or 60 days net from the date of invoice or with 2% discount if payment is made within 8 days of the date on the invoice. In case of payment in cash, the discount will be deducted from our turnover tax. The VAT amount mentioned on our bill to be deducted by you should be less the amount of this tax pertaining to discount. Non payment of even one installment or any deficiency in obligation on the part of the buyer will entail immediate payment of the amount still owed. The seller is thereby authorized to refrain from making fresh deliveries and the amount owed will automatically include the prevalent interest rate for each month of delay until full payment is made. This condition can in no way affect the payment of the debt. The buyer agrees not to make grounds for a claim from the seller to defer all or part of the settlement or for compensation.
Retention of Title
The material sold is our property until its full and final payment. This clause is integral to the present terms and conditions of sale.
Resolutory clause
The sale contract will be resolved automatically 8 days after an official notification, and an acknowledgement of receipt in whole or in part stays without effect during this time, in case the buyer fails to perform in one or more of his obligations. The goods will have to be returned as soon as the demand is made by our company at the expense and risk of the buyer.
Return (within six months only)
No goods may be returned without a prior agreement in writing and at the discretion of the management. The non-authorized return of goods can in no manner delay the payment of our invoices at the due date. The invoice no. of the goods returned will have to be given to us. The goods must be in perfect condition in their original packing and will be sent back carriage paid.
The guarantee is solely applicable to the replacement or repair of defective goods by KOTOW, to the extent there is no ground for section 1645 of the Civil Code. In no event can our company be held responsible for bodily harm or damage to property, whatever may be its nature, and which could be a direct or indirect result of a disadaptation of the product or its improper usage. We recommend users to ensure that the product is intended for the specific use it is needed for before beginning to use it, if need be by conducting a test to protect themselves with regard to their responsibility and risks.
Election de domicile et juridiction
The choice of residence is made by the KOTOW head office. In case of a dispute with regard to the execution of the sale agreement or the payment of the asked price, similarly with the interpretation or execution of the clauses and terms and conditions mentioned here above, the Tribunal de commerce (Market Court) of Pontoise is the only relevant authority. Our bill of exchange or acceptation of payment shall not constitute a novation or a departure from the present clause assigning jurisdiction.
Penalty Clause
In case of a recovery the amount owed will be liable to increase by 15% in lieu of compensation as per sections 1152 and 1226 of the Civil Code, other than legal interest and, possibly, legal fees.
Hypertext Links
KOTOW will not be held responsible for information you may have accessed by clicking on hypertext links for other sites; it may be that these links on the KOTOW site exist by virtue of the site itself or because a third party has placed them there. Assuming that the content thus brought to your knowledge through these sites is against the rules and regulations in force, KOTOW advises to disconnect immediately from them. If not, then you are entirely liable.